Kyoiku(= Education), Joho(= Information), Service

We, KJS, provide the total solution from making system to creating and distributing contents on education and information.

  • Software

    We provide an original movie-contents making system to many different fields such as educational institutions, companies and individuals on the concept: “simple”, ”speedy” and ”easy to understand”.

  • System

    E-learning has been spreading in order for movie contents to be utilized. Our department of system research and development has recognized the need of system where s/he can have e-learning on his/her own and developed the Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Movie contents

    We provide comprehensive solutions where we create with ThinkBoard, supervise and edit the movies which clients can be satisfied with. It includes as follows: ・Record the contents (*we can create the contents such as high schools and univ. examinations)

  • Website

    We create and operate a website for a client to sell the ThinkBoard contents on the Internet.

  • Educational solution

    We provide educational solutions that help our clients solve their problems, combining our main three businesses: “Movie contents creation”, “Software research and development” and “Website creation and operation”.

About us
Name KJS Company LTD.
Address Nishimura-building 6F, 3-10-36, Tachibanadori-nishi, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki, 880-0001, JAPAN
Tel +81-985-35-7851
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